Develop your next innovation

Learn how to come up with new ideas to plan your next innovation.

In addition to the innovation design thinking track, you’ll get access to courses that help you develop your creative thinking, critical thinking, and project management to help in developing your innovative project.

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Your Journey

Below you can find a summary of the free resources that you can access

Module 1 24minMarketing Module  
Unit 1 Understand the Problem
Unit 2 Ideate
Unit 3 Prototype
Unit 4 Evaluate and Refine
Unit 5 Innovation Design Thinking Posttest
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Module 1 Creative Thinking  
Unit 1 Creative Thinking PreTest
Unit 2 8 Reasons Why Creativity is an Essential Skill for Everyone to Learn
Unit 3 6 Ways to Apply Creative Thinking in your Everyday Life
Unit 4 6 Thinking Hats: Approach Creative Thinking by De Bono
Unit 5 Another Creative Approach: Lateral Thinking
Unit 6 8 Things to Avoid which will Impact your Creative Thinking
Unit 7 Creative Thinking PostTest
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Module 1 Critical Thinking  
Unit 1 7 Reasons Why Critical Thinking is Important
Unit 2 3 Types of Thinkers
Unit 3 6 Stages of Critical Thinking Development
Unit 4 5 Qualities of a High-Standard Critical Thinker
Unit 5 5 Common Mistakes Our Thinking Mind Can Make
Unit 6 6 Ways to Develop Good Critical Thinkers
Unit 7 Critical Thinking PostTest
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Module 1 Project Management Essentials  
Unit 1 Introduction to Project Management
Unit 2 Initiating and Planning a Project
Unit 3 Creating your Project Plan
Unit 4 What should be Included in your Project Plan
Unit 5 Effectively Executing a Project
Unit 6 Effective Project Management Communication
Unit 7 Closing a Project
Unit 8 What Makes a Successful Project Manager
Unit 9 Common Project Manager Pitfalls
Unit 10 The Project Manager’s Checklist
Unit 11 Project Management Essentials Posttest
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Module 1 Business Model Innovation  
Unit 1 Define your Customer Segments
Unit 2 Define your Value Proposition
Unit 3 Channel Strategies
Unit 4 Customer Relationship Types
Unit 5 Key Revenue Streams
Unit 6 Key Resource Types
Unit 7 Key Activities your Business Engages in
Unit 8 Key Partnerships
Unit 9 Important Cost Structures
Unit 10 Business Model Innovation Posttest
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