Develop your ESG, CSR or Sustainability Action Plan

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are being used to measure companies’ performance, beyond just their sales and profits. They are also a great way to attract impact investments.

On the other hand, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other sustainable business practices produce better profits and more customer loyalty. Align your business priorities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - UN SDGs to reap the rewards.

Register in this short course to build your ESG Action Plan in a matter of minutes. Then, make use of our end of year offer to launch your community sustainability initiative.

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When you register, you will get free access to a host of learning resources, special offers and access to expertise.

In the featured course, you will learn about what is ESG, why is it important and how you can develop your ESG action plan.

Here’s an overview of the 6 units in the course include:

1. ESG Overview

2. Using the UN SDGs as your guide

3. Environmental goals

4. Social goals

5. Governance goals

6. Your ESG action plan and reporting

You can complete the featured course in 15 minutes, generate your action plan and get your certificate.

Optionally, there are many hours of additional content available to you in the “Dig Deeper” section of the units.

Access to Experts

As you go through the content, you gain points giving you a free one on one consulting and coaching session with experts in the field of your choice. The experts can help you bring your ESG action plan to life.

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